This throwback Thursday was prompted by Malia Long.  Her husband is doing some work at T. H. Bell Junior High School and spotted our name on this plaque.  With a little digging, I found that Weber School District had a great history page for the school.  The page included many construction photos and I even found one with Jay Wadman in it!

The following is excerpts from T.H. Bell history page

The finished school in 1963.

Front-of-school-1963 large web.jpg


Total Square Feet: 87,439

Cost PSF w/Site: $13.60

Total Classroms: 18

Teaching Stations: 30

Total Cost: $1,190,401.94

Adjusted for Inflation: $9,453,984.25

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T.H. Bell School

Wadman Corporation

Construction of the school began in 1961. During the 1962-63 school year, the east wing was completed and only 6th grade students attended. All the construction was finished in the fall of 1963 when the school became a junior high with 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students. The school dedication ceremony was on November 14, 1963 with the following speakers: Architect, Keith Wilcox; Contractor, Jay Wadman; Weber County Board Member, George Van Leeuwen; State Superintendent of Public Instruction, T.H. Bell, & Principal, Earl Cragun.  Presently students from 7th - 9th grade attend T.H. Bell. The school opened it's doors to students on August 26, 27, and 28 for T.H. Bell's first student registration.  Margaret Beyda was the school's Head Secretary over this operation.  The first day of school at T.H. Bell Junior High School was September 3rd, 1963.

The following photos are from  1962.  These pictures are believed to have been taken by Mr. Gary Jensen former Science Teacher & Media Specialist at T.H. Bell.