At this year's Associated Builders and Contractors award banquet Wadman was awarded two 'Excellence in Construction' awards and one honorable mention.  Our CEO David Wadman was also featured in their new safety video!  A huge thank you to David and all the team members on these projects for their hard work and dedication to Wadman! 

ABC Utah Safety Video

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Wadman portion of ABC Utah safety video.

Wadman is 2016 Platinum Award Winner


Excellence in Construction Award

Over $5 Million Industrial Construction

ENVE Composites Headquarters

ENVE’s Composite Headquarters is the anchor of Ogden’s 51 acre outdoor business park, known as the Ogden Business Exchange. This leading manufacturer of high-end carbon bicycle rims is recognized internationally with leading cyclists who use ENVE products in the Tour de France, Tour of Utah and other global races. This has created a surge in growth that caused ENVE to seek out a new location to expand their operations. Their new grounds allows the campus to link up to the Ogden trail system creating a perfect site for their avid cycling employee base.

Construction of the new headquarters facility is a tilt-up concrete warehouse and production area with a steel framed, metal panel office component. Building area is 72,768 square feet on the first level, and 12,518 square feet on the second level.


Excellence in Construction Award

Less Than $2 Million Renovation

Layton Family Search

As this existing building passes into its 30th year having seen several tenants and multiple owners, a modern makeover extends its useful life many years into the future appealing to contemporary tastes while maintaining a link to its history. This link is indicative of the buildings function, a family history center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The owner’s challenge was to create a project that would appeal to younger generations and help create a buzz for the activities happening within. The building entrances, through the tool of architectural procession, become a symbolic bridge between today’s youth and previous generations. The Family History Center utilizes over 90% of the existing structure and the implementation of moments of modern structure with contemporary flare at the entry points bring it all together. The three main entries to the building were redesigned to provide branding to the building in their form and use of graphics as well as make them easily identifiable and welcoming. Moving into the interior, partition walls were removed to create a large open floor plan that is easily understood. The use of bold color, printed wall graphics and varieties of furniture allow the building itself to be an icon of the Family Search brand.


Excellence in Construction Honorable Mention

Over $10 Million Institutional

Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind

The Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind, Salt Lake Center was designed to optimize and fulfill the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind’s mission of providing services to Deaf and Blind students located in the Salt Lake region. The new facility acts as both a hub for the schools as well as a hub for the local deaf community and the local blind community. By day the building is a full-time school with specialized classrooms for blind and visually impaired students; specialized classrooms for deaf and hard of hearing students, clinical/therapy facilities, and administrative offices. By night and weekends the building hosts community events such junior high theatrical performances, high school basketball games, elementary aged life-skills programs, and executive board meetings. To facilitate this multi-functional usage, the building is as a highly flexible arrangement of space that offer a diverse set of resources for both the educational and community functionality.