Can we get a " WOOO WOOO" or a crisp, concise Wadman Double Clap? Our very own Keith Buswell is a renowned author!  Keith recently completed his Masters Degree in  American Studies at Utah State University.  His master's thesis is entitled "In Search of America: One Barbershop at a Time" and tells the tale of his life-long journey exploring nostalgic Americana in barbershops all over the country.  His article is featured in the Fall Edition of the Utah State Magazine. Congratulations Keith on accomplishing this goal and representing Wadman Corporation so well!

Utah State University Ignite Presentation

The Talk: This presentation highlights a personal odyssey exploring Main Street Barbershops across America. Barbershops are an important mainstay, a perpetual community connecting point, a desired masculine gathering place, and a safe social harbor in our society.

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