Facebook: On Friday the YCC invited us to a Thank You Celebration for the work we did there last month as a service project. The folks at the YCC really know how to throw a party and Julee Smith wrote the cutest poem for us. YCC Family Crisis Center is a light in our community!



Wadman's Heroes keeps the YCC Circus Going

by Julee Smith

It was looking like a dark year for the three ring circus at YCC

Our apartments were pretty trashed and it was easy to see

That our budget balancing act would go down with a crash

If we didn’t find some circus superheroes in a mighty big flash.

With water leaking in several of our circus’ back tents

And most of our inside talents all used up and spent

We just needed someone who’s act included fixing and painting

Who could tangle with any circus problem without fainting?

Who did we know that had the very best balancing act of all?

Who would consistently come and perform whenever we called?

Our great friends who didn’t know the meaning of the word no

Who not only show up but also put on the very best show!

But could we in good conscience call and ask them for more

Even though we knew they were talented and good to the core?

Would they feel like we had asked for more than our share

Of their amazing circus acts that showed how much they cared?

While looking at this dilemma from every angle that we could

We received a phone call from our heroes and the news was really good

Tyler and Jerilyn wanted to come and look over the circus mess

We took one look at each other, high-fived and said “Oh Yes”!!!

Like trapeze artists they swung through each room of the tents

They didn’t even blink at the broken faucets, the holes and the dents.

They knew they could handle it without even breaking a sweat

After all their talented circus stars are the best you can get.

Two days later our Wadman heroes called to let us know

That the YCC Extreme Makeover was now a definite go.

May 11th was the day that the circus stars would all appear

And put on the very best performance YCC had seen in years. (2014)

Just as promised, bright and early on the day of the show

Here came our superheroes all dressed up and rearing to go.

They were greeted by their YCC fans, some short and some tall

But every last one of them more than thrilled by it all

The Wadman Team was an amazing sight to behold

As all of them including, subcontractors, started the show

First it was clearing and cleaning the circus tents out

Some of which were pretty scary, without any doubt.

Then tools, including hammers, saws and brushes began to fly

Propelled by the experts who were determined to try

To make all the repairs and upgrades that needed to be done

While joking and laughing and having a whole lot of fun.

What an amazing extreme makeover performance to see

These superheroes were like performers on the high trapeze

Literally flying from one major duty to another

Acting just like close friends or sisters and brothers.

When the day was done, more than 12 hours had flown

While these master craftsmen had more than shown

What can occur when heroes work as a team

Making miracles happen, achieving the dream

For those who’ve been homeless but now finally had a tent

Coming back to see the transformation was definitely heaven sent

It made their hearts happy and their eyes overflow

To think that someone, just for them, the extra mile would go

When the story is told about what these fantastic performers achieved

Working more like a hurricane but making it look like a breeze

Everyone at YCC can’t help but be grateful for the heroes beyond measure

Who have turned out to be our very best treasures?

So today we want to say thank you and make sure that you know

That all of you are the stars, the greatest act in this circus show.

You and your teams are the very best that there are

Thank you for being our heroes, our fantastic rock stars.