Anthony grew up in Kaysville and graduated from Davis High. He dabbled in construction during his early teens and has recently come back to his roots. He enjoys seeing a building come out of the ground and be built, from start to finish. Anthony spent 17+ years in law enforcement serving our community. He worked with the youth, was a firearms instructor and a variety of other really cool stuff. He loves all sports, but especially hockey… he even had an opportunity to go pro at one point! His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers. He is an avid cyclist and is looking forward to joining us for the CF Ride this year. He has four children, three boys and a little girl, ranging from 16 years old down to two years, so he obviously is a very patient person! He says he really likes the people at Wadman that he’s worked with so far. Welcome to Team Wadman Anthony!