This year we went down to Davis County to help out the Family Connection Center.  Their mission is to empower families to eradicate poverty and abuse from their lives by building self-reliance and strengthening family relationships.

Again we split into teams to divide and conquer this momentous undertaking.  One team installed new fencing around the children's play area. Another did the fall cleanup of the entire property.  Inside we replaced carpet, built shelving, and painted everything.

Many employees got the opportunity to have their families come in and put colorful handprints on the walls of the respite child care area.  At lunch we took a moment to honor our distinguished veterans.  Their service to this country is what allows us the freedom to live the lives we do. 

It was great to give back to an organization that makes such a huge difference to the families in our community.  A big thank you also goes out to Stauffer Painting for paint and help painting, and to In-n-Out flooring for help installing the carpet.

Team Wadman spent 11-11-11 doing a renovation of the Family Connection Center in Davis County. We love our days of service.